Departure: 04:30 hrs. From hotels. Arrival at the Geyser approximately 07:00 hrs am
Estimated arrival: 12:30 hrs., to Agency
Includes: Breakfast

The Tatio Geysers are located 94 kms. From San Pedro de Atacama, is accessed by a dirt road and climbs about 2,000 mts. more in height than in San Pedro. In the first hour, take a walk through the geothermal field to observe and feel the force of nature produced by the vicinity of the volcano Geysers, warm water and rock where produce this phenomenon that occurs in only 6 places of the world.

Then we take a refreshing breakfast and then we go towards a thermal pool, where you can take a bath or walk in the area the best and delicious thermal waters of the area.

Upon returning we will observe the amazing flora and fauna of the Altiplano, also visit the village of Machuca, returning to San Pedro de Atacama at around 13:00 hours.

$20.000 –
Entrada: $10.000 extranjeros $7.000 nacionales