Departure: 06:30 hrs. From hotels.
Estimated arrival: 14:00 hrs
Includes: breakfast


 Departure from the hotels towards the south-east, to visit the villageof Toconao (38 km), town where main feature is its bell tower and stone houses built of volcanic rocks (Liparita).

Nearby is a small oasis called Valley of Jerez, where a variety of fruit trees, from there we will head towards the great Salar de Atacama, precisely to Chaxa lagoon (68 km) to observe the majesty of 3 species of flamingos that live and breed several lakes within the Salar, then we will go in the Andean highlands to observe and walk very close to the Miscanti and Meñique lagoons. Here people shudder at the magnificence of the the landscape, our soul and spirit are relaxed and the mind forgets of the mundane task, an equilibrium between soul, body and spirit.

After all this bliss we return to the village of Socaire for lunch at a local restaurant and walk. After their cultivation terraces, preincaic system adopted by the Atacameños to plant their crops.

$30.000 –
Entrance fees: $5.500