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We want to be part of the best experience you will have in your life enjoying and knowing everything that our region has for you.
TERRA EXTREME is a tourism agency dedicated to bringing people closer to the innumerable beauties of the most arid and extreme Desert on the planet. Beauties, created by a unique artist who collected unimaginable colors and grandiose shapes from the universe and combined them with life and put his work in the last corner of the world, where reason is not able to understand their existence.

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TERRA EXTREME is a witness to these wonderful places located here in the II Region of Chile and in the surroundings of a small town called San Pedro de Atacama

At Terra Extreme we place all our resources so that your experience is a national or foreign tourist, one of the most unforgettable of your life.

We have all the experience in transportation, services and information to make your trip an unforgettable moment. Our staff has the greatest provision of service and warmth that will make you feel in a “friendly” place, where your mind and body should only be given over to the enjoyment and admiration of unique beauties.

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At Terra Extreme we are passionate about creating experiences that are etched in your memory.

We are terra extreme

COME DARE to meet with people from this land the wonders of the desert !!!

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desierto de atacama
salar de atacama
turismo en san pedro de atacama
salar de atacama turismo
montañas y luna en atacama
pueblo de san pedro de atacama
lugares turísticos en san pedro de atacama
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What makes us different


Our collaborators are extremely trained to make your experience an unforgettable memory.


We focus on maintaining harmony with the environment in all our outings


We make each outing with our team an unforgettable moment for each of our clients

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